Lifeventure Mesh Bottle Pouch

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A 600ml drink bottle perfect for walking, cycling or any activity where you need to keep hydrated is already a must have. However here lifeventure have also provided a useful mesh pouch in order to make drinking on the move easier. A rear strap with velcro and a popper make it easy to attach to a belt or rucksack waist strap. This, combined with the elastic drawstring to hold the bottle in place, makes drinking on the move easy and hassle free. A simple but incredibly effective idea!

Who should use it - and why
Any traveller who wants a hassle free system for keeping hydrated on the move.
Lifeventure Mesh Bottle Pouch
  • 600ml Bottle
  • Mesh Pouch
  • Velcro and Poppered Rear Strap
  • Elastic Drawstring

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