Lifeventure Flight Bottle Set

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This little flight bottle set contains six handy containers - two screw top bottles for shampoos, shower gel, etc, two spray dispensers - great for perfumes and body sprays and two small jars which are ideal for creams or tablets. Neatly packed in a clear soft plastic zipped travel pouch. A great way of taking just a little of all your favourite bathroom neccessities. All the bottles are well within airport customs requirements for hand luggage and will let you take important liquids onboard without any hassle.

Who should use it - and why
From holidaymakers to gym users - this bottle set allows you to take a little of each of your favourite toiletries where-ever you go.
  • 6 Cabin sized containers in a clear leak proof pouch
  • 2 Screw cap bottles: 70ml each
  • 2 Spray top bottles: 70ml each
  • 2 Screw top jars: 10ml each

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