Go Toob Squeezable Travel Tubes 3pk

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Ever had that sinking feeling when you realise that the contents of your rucksack are now coated with suncream? (or shower gel, honey, tomato ketchup?)

Ingeniously designed by Human Gear, the award winning GoToob allows you to transport all of your liquid or semi liquid travel essentials, secure in the knowledge that they will not drip or leak in transit. The wide neck tube is easy to refill and clean (dishwasher safe) and has a combination of screw top and flip cap. There is even a small suction cap on the side of the tube, handy for attaching to shower cubicle walls.

GoToob is made of high-purity, food-grade silicone - one of the safest and most inert materials in common commercial use. It is also very soft and pliable which makes GoToobs easy to pack and easy to squeeze.

GoToobs are approved for airline hand baggage,  food-safe (FDA approved), and 100% BPA and PC-free. They are covered by a lifetime warranty.


Who should use it - and why
For anyone who has experienced leaking liquids when travelling, the perfect non drip squeezy tube for travel essentials such as suncream or shampoo.
  • Capacity: 60ml
  • Size: 36mm X 111mm
  • Made from food grade silicon
  • Colours clear, sky blue, lime green
  • Winner of the "Buzz Award" at the TGA Travel Goods Show.
  • Not recommended for storing alcohol, hair treatment products, silicone based lubricants, DEET based insect repellent, Hydrogen Peroxide, contact lens solution.
  • GoToobs are not sterilized.


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