Source WLP 2 Litre

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One of the disadvantages of using a soft bottle system on the larger size of reservoir is that the water accumulates in the bottom creating a "balloon" effect and taking up too much space in the wrong parts of your sack, especially if it isn't full. The WLP system gets round this by being a doughnut shape, thus distributing the water around different parts of the sack, enabling it to retain a slim profile. An absurdly simple idea, but it works! In addition it has the usual Source's Grunge-Guard (anti-micobial) and Glass-Like technology (a super smooth inner surface film) to stop bacteria getting a hold and make the system self cleaning and practically maintenance free. Water stays fresh and taste free for days and even weeks. There is also Source's Widepac opening to make it easy to fill and it is fitted with leakproof reservoir and bite valves. 

Who should use it - and why
Great for thirsty travellers and hillgoers who don't carry much, as it retains a low profile even in a virtually empty sack.
  • 2 Litre collapsible water bottle and drinks tube
  • Tough plastic
  • Cut out centre prevents ballooning and keeps profile slim
  • Only 3.5 cm thick
  • Self cleaning Glass-Like surface 1000% smoother than competitors
  • Taste free
  • Widepac opening for easy filling
  • "Grunge-Guard" anti bacterial technology
  • Easy to open and seal even in cold conditions
  • Leakproof valves
  • BPA & Phthalates free

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