Source Widepac 3 Litre

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Source Widepack 3 Litre is a tough, reliable and easy to use hydration system that's great value. The bladder is tough with a 'Widepack' wide opening that makes filling and cleaning simple. The Widepack sealing system is leakproof and works perfectly, even in low temperatures. The hydration tube has a quick release, self seal connector to the bladder (for easier filling) and a bite valve that includes a shut off valve and a protective cover to keep the mouth parts clean. Source's Grunge-Guard (anti-micobial) and Glass-Like technology (a super smooth inner surface film) helps stop bacteria getting a hold and makes the system self cleaning and practically maintenance free. Water stays fresh and taste free for days and even weeks. Simply the perfect sytem. This being the bigger 3 litre capacity is for those going to hotter drier places (or just the very thirsty!)

Who should use it - and why
A big capacity, ideal for thirsty people and those going to hot places.
  • 3 Litre collapsible water bottle and drinks tube
  • Tough plastic
  • Glass-Like surface 1000% smoother than competitors - self cleaning
  • Taste free
  • Wide leakproof opening for easy filling
  • "Grunge-Guard" anti bacterial technology
  • Easy to open and seal even in cold conditions
  • Leakproof quick release tube valve
  • BPA & Phthalates free

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