Source Liquitainer 4 Litre

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Ideal for overnight camps and long dry treks. The Liquitainer stores 4 litres of water in leakproof and easy to fill Widepack reservoir. The Widepack sealing system is leakproof and works perfectly, even in low temperatures. Water stays fresh and taste free for days and even weeks. Source's Grunge-Guard (anti-micobial) and Glass-Like technology (a super smooth inner surface film) helps stop bacteria getting a hold and makes the system self cleaning and practically maintenance free. It can be used stood upright, layed down or hung up, whatever suits you best. When empty simply roll it up and slip it back in your pack. The plastic is tough (you can both freeze and boil it without it cracking!) and the cap that fits over the end of the tap prevents dirt contaminating your water.

Who should use it - and why
Roll up versatile water storage ideal for overnight camps and long dry treks.
  • 4 Litre capacity
  • Tough Plastic - resists both freezing and boiling!
  • Leak Proof tap
  • "Grunge-Guard" Anti Bacterial technology
  • Taste free
  • Self Cleaning
  • Wide access for easy filling
  • Carrying loop

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