Source Helix Valve Tube Kit

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You know the way your old drinks tube fogged up with green gunk when you didn't use it for a while? Well, these don't! The smoothness of the inner surface, plus the "Grunge-Guard" technology, prevent bacteria getting a hold and make it self-cleaning. The other nuisance that this tube avoids is the leak in your car boot or onto other kit when it's been accidentally left upside down, as the valve comes with a snug plastic cap and on/off valve to prevent this. The plastic is tough enough to survive freezing temperatures making it ideal for going to extremely cold climes. It will also survive boiling but we hope you're not going anywhere that hot!

Who should use it - and why
Anyone going trekking in cold places or who only uses hydration systems occasionally as lack of use doesn't mean bacterial build up.
  • Plastic drinks tube with valve
  • Fits 1,2 and 3 litre reservoirs with quick release valves
  • Self cleaning
  • 1000% smoother than similar tubes so resists bacteria
  • Self cleaning
  • Taste free
  • Easy to fit
  • Cap and valve to stop leakage and keep the bite valve clean

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