Camelbak Antidote 100 Reservoir 3 litre

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Rummaging in your sack for a drinks bottle on a hot day is always a hassle, even if you're walking, never mind if you're running or cycling, Hydration systems make things so much easier, as all you have to do is bite on a tube.  In addition this means you drink "little and often", better for you than drinking larger amounts more infrequently. The Antidote Reservoirs are tough, easy to use, easy to fill and clean, and the 3 litre comes with a central rib to prevent the water all pooling in the middle and causing a bulge, or sloshing about affecting your balance. Simple, tough and practical, with reservoirs like these it's no surprise that Camelbak have remained the best known name in hydration systems for so many years.

Who should use it - and why
Walking, running or cycling, a practical way of drinking on the move. The 3 litre capacity will suit those going to hotter places (or just the very thirsty!)
  • Tough plastic bladder
  • 3 litre capacity
  • Lightweight and low profile
  • Central rib to prevent bulging
  • Quick Link system to attach tube
  • Large opening for easy filling and cleaning
  • Quarter turn cap for easy opening/closing
  • BPA free materials

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