About AdventureQuip

In 1993 Safariquip moved from a commercial unit on a Stockport trading estate to a 300 year old stone building below the ramparts of Peveril Castle in Castleton in the Peak District.

Back then we called the shop Peveril Outdoor and Travel, an apt name for a location just below the famous Peveril Castle.  A great site for an outdoor shop, the perfect place, providing a service to walkers who needed a map or a new pair of waterproof boots before venturing off to explore the natural beauty of the Peak District.

Julian explains how his business moved from an industrial estate in Stockport to the little shop tucked away in the picturesque village of Castleton:

 “After 7 years of crawling in the car along the A6 to and from work each day I decided it was time for some fresh air!  I had started my “SafariQuip” mail order business after returning from almost four years spent driving the length and breadth of Africa and literally working my way around. I had several interesting jobs during that time including building houses for aid workers in a remote Nuba town in Sudan and developing gold extraction processes on mines in South Africa."

I started SafariQuip selling the hard-to-find expedition gear that a long overland Land Rover trip requires, then, as time went on and the long haul holiday market began to boom, I expanded the business to sell travel accessories and clothing to adventurous and daring holiday-makers.

Moving to Castleton was just another step forward. As a boy I had spent days and weeks wandering around the Peak District - I used to know Kinder Plateau like the back of my hand.  It was wonderful to find old premises just longing to be restored and turned into an outdoor shop.  The move gave us more space to operate SafariQuip's mail order business, in beautiful and historic surroundings, as well as add a retail range for visitors to the Peak looking for excercise and adventure closer to home.

In the early days our shop customers were predominantly walkers and ramblers but now many more activities take place here. We changed the shop's name to AdventureQuip to encompass this wider range of adventure activities and the close ties with the SafariQuip travel side of the business ."  

Nowadays AdventureQuip and SafariQuip operate side by side as different parts of Safariquip Ltd. Visitors to the AdventureQuip shop can buy SafariQuip products over the counter. If you can't see what you want, don't be afraid to ask staff as we don't display all our travel products in the shop.