Black Diamond Easy Rider Lanyard Via Ferrata Set

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The Black Diamond Easy Rider is the ultimate, smooth-clipping via ferrata lanyard set. It is simple, safe and easy to use. The Easy Rider Via Ferrata lanyard will have you efficiently climbing the “iron way” in style. It combines two of Black Diamond's specially designed Easy Rider wide gate carabiners with their Screamer-style EAS shock absorber. The Easy Rider carabiners release and lock automatically by squeezing and can be used easily with one hand.

Black Diamond
Who should use it - and why
Ideal for doing via ferrata style climbs. The Black Diamond Easy Rider lanyard set is simple to use.
Easy Rider Lanyard VF Set
  • Two Easy Rider carabiners have internal locking mechanism with squeeze actuation
  • Energy Absorption System limits load impact in case of a fall
  • Extendable, bungee-style lanyards
  • Webbing loop attaches directly to the harness
  • Suitable for users weighing between 40-100kg
  • Weight: 492g
  • I.D magazine - Annual Design Award 2009

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