Lifesystems Portable Mosquito Killer

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The Lifesystems Portable Mosquito Killer is an effective way to get a bite free nights sleep! A battery powered, compact and portable mosquito and insect killer ideal for use in large tents, lodges and hotels where mains power is not readily available. The unit slowly propels an odourless scent that is harmless to humans, but extremely effective against biting insects. The unit is supplied with a single cartridge that provides up to six nights protection before it needs to be replaced (replacement cartridges are available separately). This insect killer requires 2 AA batteries (included). Kills: mosquitoes, midges, bed bugs and other biting insects.



29/09/2015 *****
Great product.
Used it for a week on boiling-hot Crete.
It worked perfectly. I would recommend t to anyone.

04/08/2015 *****

03/08/2015 ***
I brought this along with some of the other products as we were to be visiitng Thailand, i carried this little device everywhere with me, retsuarants, the poolside, although i'm not too sure how well it did work, i had a few bites but see other people walking about with loads so maybe it did work better than i thought

19/07/2015 *****
Just been to Kielder forest and the midges were the worst I have seen in years. Left this in my tent porch and after 1/2 hour the tent was clear. Great piece of kit. Highly recommended.

06/07/2015 ****
Bought this for going camping for 2 nights as we have had problems with mozzies in the past. we turned it on and it worked lovely. No problems with mozzies in the tent . we bought 2 but realised that one did the job for the size of the tent, a vango 6 berth ,but we had the compartments all open like one big room. we will test it next time we go abroad as well in the hotel we will stay at, as I would imagine it would be great for that. it is easy to use and very compact.


Who should use it - and why
The Lifesystems Portable Mosquito Killer is for camping, or travelling where there is no 24 hour mains power supply. You need this if there are biting insects but no electricity.
Lifesystems Portable Mosquito Killer
  • Battery powered mosquito killer
  • Uses 2 AA Batteries (last approximately 6 nights)
  • Odourless
  • Supplied with one cartridge (provides approximately 6 nights protection)
  • Size: 85 x 70 x 45mm.
  • Weight complete with mat and battery: 130g

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