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Business travellers need luggage and accessories that project a sense of reliability, professionalism and good performance to their customers. At the same time luggage and accessories that simplify travelling, reduce hassle and work reliably are essential, because business travel is demanding and stressful enough already.


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Eagle Creek Guide Pro Courier RFID

Smart organisation, netbook friendly padding and personal data protection are the three main features of this attractive and...


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Eagle Creek Tarmac 25

Superb build quality, clean lines and convenient, functional design make the Tarmac 25 an excellent choice for frequent...


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Eagle Creek TSA Mini Key Lock

The Eagle Creek TSA Mini Key Lock is a brass padlock with a set of two keys. Ideal for travel cases, shoulder bags and...


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Eagle Creek Pack-It Shoe Sac

This handy little bag is made in the same way as the other sacs in the Eagle Creek Pack-It Sac range. The opening is central...


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Lifeventure RFiD Belt Pack - Small

This Lifeventure belt pack is made of a durable nylon with RFiD protection to keep your cards and passport safe from identity...


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A4 Document Case

Keep all your important documents dry and clean. Transparent on both sides, ideal for reading maps and route cards. The...


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Lifeventure Trek Towel, Giant, Plain Blue

Made from a unique fabric that is extremely soft to the touch, this towel is ideal for travel, sports, trekking or beach use....


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Universal Sink Plug

How many times have you needed this? At a campsite or a budget hotel (even some top class hotels overseas) you find there's no...


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Victorinox Jelly SwissCard

Slim, sleek and smart, the Jelly SwissCard contains 10 handy tools and can be neatly stored in your wallet. Tools include a...


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Therm-A-Rest Lumbar Pillow

The Lumbar Pillow from Therm-A-Rest is ideal for those looking for superior spine and back muscle support. Like the other...


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Design Go Travel Ear Plugs

Stop snoring!! If you sleep lightly and your partner is noisy here's the answer..... Design Go Travel Ear Plugs. Conical...


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Design Go Eye Nightshades

Long distance travel doesn't have to be synonymous with tired and cranky. These luxury eye nightshades from Design Go have a...


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Lifesystems Universal Travel Adapter

The Lifesystems Universal Travel Adapter is the only adaptor you will need for your electrical appliances almost anywhere you...


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Mosqui-Go Duo USA+ Insect Killer

The Mosqui-Go Duo USA+ Insect Killer is capable of being used in conjunction with either tablets (mats) or liquid. Dual...


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Care Plus Anti-Insect DEET Spray 40%

This insect repellent spray slips easily into a pocket, purse or bag and will stay there, comfortable and discreet, without...


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Ultrathon Insect Repellent

This DEET insect repellent cream was designed by 3M for the US military to give them the very best protection in demanding...


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Care Plus Anti-Insect Sensitive Insect Repellent

A safe DEET free insect repellent for adults and children. Picaridin is a powerful and long lasting insect repellent that does...


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Mosqui-Go Duo Europe+ Insect Killer

Dual function mosquito killer capable of being used in conjunction with either tablets (mats) or liquid. The Continental model...


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Lifesystems Chlorine Dioxide Tablets (30)

Chlorine Dioxide water treatment tablets offer greater protection than normal chlorine and unlike some treatments they leave...


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Lifesystems Traveller First Aid Kit

The Lifesystems Traveller First Aid Kit is ideal if you are travelling the world and visiting some exciting but remote places....


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