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Looking for something different from your holiday?  SafariQuip trusts certain holiday companies, carriers and other travel services.  Many of the tour and holiday operators below are small specialist firms that employ interested, enthusiastic and experienced staff.  Some are listed based on 1st hand experience, others by recommendation.  We hope you find the trip you are looking for and have a great holiday.


Unusual Adventure Holidays.

Rucksacks   Andean Trails - South America   Childrens  
  • Tour Operators
  • A section of tour and holiday operators, many of whom specialise in particular types of holiday or location.
  • In general these are smaller firms employing interested, enthusiastic and experienced staff.
  • Some are here based on 1st hand experience, others by recommendation.
  • We hope you find the holiday you are looking for and have a great holiday.
Mosquito Nets Mountain Kingdoms
Child Carriers Naturetrek - Birdwatching & Botanics
Clothing Marco Polo Travel - Adventure & Tailored
Clothing Kerala Connections - Kerala & S. India
african odyssey travel African Safaris with Africa Odyssey
Clothing Walks Worldwide - Guided Walks
Clothing North-West Frontiers - Walks in Scotland
Clothing Tribes
Clothing Goreme Balloons
Rock Steady Adventure Rock Steady Adventure - Adventure Activities in Yorkshire
Clothing The Adventure Company
Florida Holidays - luxury travel
  Bespoke Himalyan Treks - You choose
wexas WEXAS
Sunglasses   EasyJet   Sun Protection  
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Sun Cream British Airways