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Got a question about where you are travelling to?  Below are some great websites that may help you to find an answer.  Reduce some of the stress of travel or lay some fears to rest and take a look at the pages which feature tips on everything from money and medical care through to conversion tables and government travel tips.

Information for Travellers and Holidaymakers

cash image   A Full list of Currency Exchange Rates   euro coins and bill  
  • Money
  • A section dedicated to making your travel money go further.
  • Find out what the current exchange rate is.
  • How to get a better deal and avoid extra charges.
  • Where to find Visa and Mastercard machines abroad.
  • Lastly a couple of firms who consistently offer excellent currency exchange rates.
gbpusd   International Currency Codes
currency   International Currency Symbols
small money   The Guardian on Exchange rates
visa   Visa Cash Machine Locator
mastercard   Mastercard Machine Locator
travelex logo   Travelex - Low-Cost Currency Exchange
clear electric plug   World Electric Guide - Plugs and Power   electric plugs  
  • Electricity and Language Translation
  • Find which electrical plug is used in your holiday country.
  • Need an email or letter translating or want to send a letter in a foreign language?
babelfish Babel Fish Language Translator
currency exchange   XE International Currency Converter   silhouette  
  • Conversion Tools
  • Confused by celsius or flumoxed by fahrenheit? All the conversion you need to make sure that temperature, volume, weight, distance or area are in familiar units.
conversions Weight Conversion
temperature Temperature Conversion
winebottle Volume Conversion
distance Distance/length Conversion
area Area Conversion
calculator Metric - US Conversions
world climate   World Climate Details   warm weather  
  • Climate, Weather & Time Zones
  • Essential holiday planning tools.
  • Don't take more than you need. Plan and pack for the weather you're likely to get.
  • Avoid going at the 'wrong' time of year. Do you want to give the monsoon season a miss? Is summer hot is going to be summer too hot?
  • Check todays weather worldwide.
  • Look at the long term forcast.
wunderground Wunderground - World Climate Details
weather-icon BBC World Climate & Weather Details
uk weather map World Weather 10-Day Forecast
worldmap timezones World Time Zones & Dates
earthtools   Earth Tools - View the World   maps  
  • Maps & Mapping
  • An amazing selection of travel & holiday planning tools.
  • Locate places.
  • Plan routes with time, distance, fuel, tolls, rest stops, speed cameras and more.
  • Print maps.
  • Swap to satelite imagery then zoom in and look around.
  • Find streets and buildings.
google Google Maps - View and Plot Routes
rac RAC Route Planner - UK & EU
aa AA Route Finder - UK & EU
mapi Mapi Streets & Routes - France & Europe
street maps Street Maps - Maps of Great Britain
tn_FCO_Logo_Block   UK Foreign Office Advice
"Know Before You Go" service
  embassy gates  
  • Embassies & Security Advice
  • Country by country advice including the latest assessments of security and terrorism.
  • What date does your passport expire? Some countries need you to have at least 3 months before expiry.
  • Do you need Visas?
  • You should keep a note of the contact details for your countries embassy - just in case!
  • National tourist offices around the world for information and advice.
statedepartment tn   US Government Travel Advice
homeoffice passport   UK Passport Agency
embassy world   Embassies and Missions around the World
tourist information   Tourism Office Directory (worldwide)
Antor   Tourist Offices in the UK
bbc   World News by Continent   communications tower  
  • World News & Events
  • Whether you want the election results or the football results you can stay in touch.
  • What's on and where to avoid.
  • Reliable world web news in an easy to use format.
  • If your out in the sticks and reliant on a radio. Check out the World Service times and frequencies.
hotspots Places to Avoid e.g. Protests etc.
padlock Simple Steps to Travel Safety
bbc   BBC World Service
Fit for Travel   Fit for Travel - UK   health  
  • Health
  • Information on common travel and holiday health concerns.
  • This section is aimed and ensuring that your travel or holiday is enjoyed not just survived!
  • A few simple timely precautions can save months of pain.
NaTHNaC National Travel Health Network & Centre - UK
CDiseaseControl Centre for Disease Control and Prevention - US
mosquito Insect Protection and Bite Prevention
drinkingwater Water Treatment for Travellers
dvt Deep Vein Thrombosis Help
DoH European Reciprocal Health Insurance
travel doctor The Travel Doctor Helps Holiday Illness
CIA seal reg   CIA World Information Factbook   baggage  
  • Other Information
  • Special interest groups.
  • Kitlists.
  • Stay in touch using internet cafes.
  • Other travellers.
  • Other information.
cyber cafe Cybercafe Locations Worldwide
planet reunited Where Are You Now?
travel light Tips on Travelling Light
Royal geographic logo Royal Geographical Society
emergencyphone Global Emergency Telephone Numbers
skyscanner   Sky Scanner - Find Cheap Flights   getting around  
  • Getting Around
  • Low cost flights.
  • Rail travel.
  • Car hire.
  • Underground & subways.
kayak Kayak - Find Cheap Flights
statravel Student Travel Association
railchoice RailChoice - Passes & Tickets Worldwide
airport locations Airport Locations and Codes
153   153 Club   magazines1  
  • Clubs & Magazines
  • Some of the clubs and magazines specifically for travellers.
globetrotters The Globetrotters Club
adventure travel Adventure Travel
joliba   Joliba Trust   aid organisation  
  • Aid Organisations
  • Some of the aid organisations and NGO's working overseas.
oxfam Oxfam
caid Christian Aid
african rock art Trust for African Rock Art
friends   Friends of the Earth   tree  
  • Environment
  • Some organisations concerned about protection of our planet.
wwf World Wildlife Fund
greenpeace Greenpeace
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