Silva Starter 8 Compass

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A perfect entry level compass. Built by Swedish navigation masters Silva this reliable compass is ideal for learning the basics of navigation or teaching others. The Starter 8 has all the features needed to keep you on track in non-technical terrain. Simple, durable and guaranteed by Silva for 5 years; you can rely on this compass whilst developing simple navigational skills.


Who should use it - and why
Novice navigators, or anyone travelling through simple terrain. Compact, reliable and easy to use.
Silva Starter 8 Compass
Features and Specification
  • 8.5x4.5cm scratch resistant baseplate
  • Patented red/black-north/south orienteering lines
  • Grippy turnable compass housing with 5 degree declination scale
  • Includes Silva 1-2-3 basic instructional guide
  • Lanyard for attaching to map case or rucksack
  • 5 Year guarantee