Lifesystems Expedition 50 PLUS Insect Repellent (100ml) 6 PACK

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Six pack of  Expedition 50+ saves you money and ensures you don't run out. Expedition 50 plus is a dual action insect repellent. It combines highly effective DEET (50%) with the insecticidal properties of natural pyrethroids - so that any insects that do land on your skin won't want to bite you! Protection for up to 10 hours. 6 x 100ml pump sprays.

Who should use it - and why
Ideal if you're a frequent traveller or just to have for summer nights in the garden at home - great value, money saving pack.
Expedition 50 PLUS Spray 6 PACK
Features and Specification
  • 50% DEET
  • Approximately 10 hours protection
  • Robust metal container
  • Natural oils prevent insects biting
  • Size: 100ml per bottle
  • Special value 6 pack