Eagle Creek Sandman Eyeshade

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This deluxe eyeshade will help you drift off to sleep no matter how bright the cabin lights are. It's ideal for a midday snooze or to escape the dazzle of a streetlamp just outside your hotel bedroom window! It's soft, thick padding gives generous coverage so no light leaks in and the soft, wide strap is fully adjustable for a secure and comfortable fit. Allows you to relax, get some sleep and arrive at your destination feeling fresh and happy. There is also a little pocket to store your earplugs when not in use (earplugs available seperately).

Eagle Creek
Who should use it - and why
Suitable for anyone who wants to relax for a while on their journey - this deluxe eyeshade will help you drift off to sleep in comfort.
Sandman Eyeshade
Features and Specification
  • Luxuriously soft, comfortable fleece
  • Easily adjustable strap for secure fit
  • Generous size to ensure complete coverage
  • Washable
  • Weighs approx. 30g
  • Size (approx): 27 x 11cm