Outdoor Designs Fleece Sleeping Bag Liner

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A cozy liner made of double sided fleece, this will add several degrees of warmth to your sleeping bag without taking up much more space. The mummy shape will fit in both square bottomed and mummy shaped bags and the fact that the fleece is double sided means that it rolls around less than silk or cotton liners so you are less likely to wake up with your legs tied in knots. Weight 750g

Outdoor Designs
Who should use it - and why
Add extra warmth and comfort to your sleeping bag with the Outdoor Designs fleece liner.
Outdoor Designs Fleece Sleeping Bag Liner
Features and Specification
  • Double brushed polyester fleece.
  • 'Mummy' shaped to fit technical sleeping bags.
  • Drawcord closure.
  • Weight: 760g (Approx)

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