How to pack using Pack-It


Stress free packing is all about being organised. Think about what you will be doing and what you will need. Group your stuff according to its use or the part of the journey you will need it for. Take out the duplicates and check for missing essentials. Pack each group in the smallest Pack-It that fits, arrange in your luggage, journey items at the top.


The main Pack-It types grouped according to use and how they help you pack
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Eagle Creek Pack-It products - Selected and tested by SafariQuip


Packing using an Eagle Creek 2 sided Pack-It Cube

Cubes organise your clothing and travel gear into easy-to-find and compact containers.

You can separate outerwear from underwear and beach wear from evening wear. Later you can keep clean and dirty clothing apart. Whether in your bag or in your hotel, items stay organised and together instead of scattered and mislaid. By keeping clothes tidy and pressed neatly together, the space in you luggage is maximised and creases and wrinkles minimised. Packing before a journey becomes easy and quick - simply arrange the Pack-Its in your luggage and you're finished, and if you do have to open your bags or retrieve something en-route, it becomes simple, fast and discrete.

Pack-It packed in luggage illustration Pack-It packed in Wheelie Luggage Pack-it packed in a Rucksack Pack-It packed in a kit bag

    Type Features Specification
Eagle Creek Pack-it cube Cube Incredibly versatile. Organise clothing for a holiday or gear for a day out - takes several  tops, trousers, and T's or alternatively towels and swim wear. Suits all types of clothing, saves space yet everything is easily accessible. Great for organising clothing in your wardrobe.

10.5 litres


36 x 25 x 8cm

eagle-creek-pack-it-2-sided-cube tick 2-Sided Clean & Dirty Cube A cube with two sides and a divider. One side has a breathable mesh, the other is spill-proof lined. Either side can be used to fill the whole cube. Ideal for separating damp from dry or clean from dirty. Great for beach and sports, and really handy for nights away and short breaks.

10.5 litres


36 x 25 x 10cm

Eagle Creek Tube cube  

Tube Cube & Half Tube Cube

Perfect for filling in those corners and awkward small spaces in your luggage that always seem empty even when your bags are full. With a mesh top for visibility, they are great for small items like socks and underwear.

2.5 | 2 litres

90 | 60g

33 x 10 x 8cm - 25 x 10 x 5cm

Eagle Creek  Pack-it Quarter cube  

Half Cube & Quarter Cube

The half and quarter cubes fit in side pockets and smaller bags, so you can keep your bits and bobs organised and safe. As with other cubes, they come with a handy grab handle and mesh top which enables you to see whats in there.

5 | 1.2 litres

85 | 57g

25 x 18 x 8cm - 19 x 11 x 6cm


Sacs, Compressors & Folders

Packing with Eagle Creek compression sac

Sacs, Compressors and Folders solve the most common packing problems making awkward jobs, quick and simple.

Sacs are tough, damp and dirt proof - great when you’ve gear or documents that need protecting. They also provide an extra layer of safety when carrying liquids and gels in check-in baggage.  Compressors shrink bulky clothing by up to 80% by simply letting you squeeze out the air and keeping the clothing ‘vacuum packed’ until ready for use.  If you’ve got a Folder you can quickly fold and pack shirts, blouses, trousers or skirts keeping them smart, fresh and wrinkle free. Even men can do it!

    Type Features Specification
Eagle Creek Pack-it sac Sacs L to XS Spill proof and leak-resistant sacs that will keep problem items away from your clothing. Also useful for keeping important documents together and dry.

XS - 19 x 9cm

S - 20 x 15cm

M - 25 x 20cm

L - 36 x 25cm


Eagle Creek Pack-it shoe sac tick Shoe Sac With a central zip and pleated sides shoes slip in easily. The LinkSeal mesh makes it ideal for keeping muddy boots and shoes safely away from the rest of your luggage. 41 x 23cm
Eagle Creek Compression set   Compressor Set A set of small, medium and large compression sacs. Zip and squeeze! It's that simple, reducing volume by up to 80% to save packing space.

S -

M - 39 x 62cm

L - 44 x 72cm

Eagle Creek Compressor sac medium and large tick Compressor L - M Strong polyethylene sacs with one-way pressure valve and zippered closure that allow you to compress the volume inside your bag or suitcase by up to 80%. Excellent if space is at a premium.

M - 39 x 62cm

L - 44 x 72cm

Eagle Creek Pack-It Folder 18   Garment Folder Medium A fantastic packing solution that allows you to take more clothes in less space and minimize wrinkles. A patented system to prevent crushing and creasing! Holds up to 12 garments.


45 x 30cm

EC-41153002_Pack_It_Specter tick

Specter Garment Folder Small

Made from the ultra-lightweight Specter fabric this smaller folder is ideal for shirts, skirts, and clothes that you want to keep wrinkle-free. Has a quick grab handle and allows for an efficient use of space inside your case. Holds up to 7 shirts.


35 x 25cm



Packing with Eagle Creek all in one organiser

The complete solution to organised travel are the all-in-one organisers that compartmentalises your packing, keep everything neat and together en route, and then easily lift out of your bag in one piece at your destination to hang up ready to use. When time-saving and neatness are paramount these are the ideal packing solutions.

    Type Features Specification
Eagle Creek Pack-It Complete Organiser Complete Organiser An all-in-one, pack and hang solution. There are 3 interior mesh compartments; 2 half-cubes and 1 full-sized cube that fold in on themselves to make one compact package. It has a swivel hook at the top so it can be hung up when open and a useful interior accessories pocket.

16 litres


34 x 25 x 15cm

Eagle Creek Pack-It Mobile locker   Mobile Locker All-in-one piece to organise clothes and shoes, with a swivel hook so that it can be hung up behind a door or in a locker. Linkseal detachable sac keeps shoes away from clothing and there is an interior stash pocket for small accessories. Ideal for short trip or commuting.

25 litres


39 x 28 x 13cm


Toiletry & Wash Kits

Eagle Creek Toiletry kits and wash bags

Keep toiletries together and conveniently to hand and while you travel. We all need at least a minimal number of personal care products and they're best stowed seperately within our luggage; secure and hygenically accommodated in a tough, spill-proof bag.  Having a handy hook and mirror also makes life easier when using the wask kit at your destination.

    Type Features Specification
eagle-creek-on-board-blue-open tick On Board A medium sized toiletry bag with lots of pockets to help you organise all your holiday cosmetics, shampoo, brushes, etc.  It has a removable mirror and a large swivel hanger to allow it to be hung over shower/towel rails or even over the top the bathroom door.

5.5 litres


25 x 19 x 11cm

Eagle Creek Pack-It Wallaby wash bag   Wallaby A toiletry kit with just enough space for a short weekend break. The zip and elasticated, lined pockets organise and hold bottles and tubes securely. It has a removable Pack-it sac, mirror and swivel hanger.

6.5 litres

33 x 19 x 8cm

Eagle Creek Pak-It Slim lit wash bag tick Slim Kit A very compact toiletry carrier with 3 zipped compartments and an elasticated toothbrush holder. Other features are a removable mirror, stow-away swivel hook and a carry handle.

1.6 litres

25 x 17 x 4cm

Eagle Creek Pack-It Custom Travel Bottle Set   Custom Travel Bottle Set A leak-proof travel bottle set that contains 6 squeezable bottles with interchangeable lids, (2 pop tops, 2 flip tops, 1 spray top, 1 pump top), 2 pill cases and a toothbrush holder. They're supplied in a clear plastic, zip pouch for airline security screening.


23 x 18 x 4cm