Tips for Avoiding Insect Bites


A few simple precautions can make it much harder for insects to find you and much less likely they will bite you. The tips below will show you how you can avoid of mosquito and insect bites and massively reduce the risk to you health and the discomfort of being bitten. Travel confidently and enjoy your holiday.  


Eleven Tips for avoiding insect bites

Don't get bitten! Follow these simple steps and make hungry insects go elsewhere.
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  Insect Repellent - tip 1 Use an insect repellent on exposed skin before you get bitten - don't wait until it's too late!
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  Insect Repellent - tip 2 Wear light coloured clothing during the day. Many insects are attracted by darker colours.    
  Insect Repellent - tip 3 Avoid shady spots. Biting is often less of a problem in sunshine and brightly lit areas.    
  Insect Repellent - tip 4 Avoid sheltered spots, a breeze will make it hard for mosquitoes, midges, sandfly and many other insects to find you.    
  Insect Repellent - tip 5 Avoid areas close to water and waterlogged ground where insects hatch or breed.    
  Insect Repellent - tip 6 Use loose long sleeved tops and trousers to cover exposed skin on arms and legs, particularly at dawn and dusk when mosquitoes bite most.    
  Insect Repellent - tip 7 Wear insect repellent clothing that has been specially treated with a permanent long life repellents. These are available at Safariquip and provide excellent protection.  
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  Insect Repellent - tip 8 Close mosquito screens and hang mosquito nets before dark. Don't wait for them to get there first.    
  Insect Repellent - tip 9 Repellent treated mosquito nets kill the insects that land on it and reduce the risk of bites both inside the mosquito net and out.
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  Insect Repellent - tip 10 Mosquito killers, mosquito coils and insecticide sprays will clear your room of insects before you retire for the night. Some can provide protection throughout the night.
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  Insect Repellent - tip 11

For those people who tell us they "always get bitten". A good practical tip is to take two good repellents with different active ingredients. Experience has shown us that occasionally, combinations of individual and location defeat even the best 'bomb proof' repellents. Having two different repellents means you haven't all your eggs in one basket and this usually solves the problem.

Insect Repellent - natural

Confused by which repellent might give you the most protection? So were we, so we tried and tested all of our insect protection range, and put together a comprehensive page to cover all your questions!

Insect Repellent - deet

As most people know, you're very much at risk from Mosquitoes and other nasties at night. We offer a wide range of high-quality Mosquito Nets to combat night nasties so you can sleep peacefully and protected!

Insect Repellent - Permethrin, Pyrethrins and Pyrethroids

You don't have to be bitten! We supply a variety of insect and mosquito repellents and killers. All are tried and properly tested for their effectiveness. Some use DEET, others natural plant extracts such as citronella, and eucalyptus. We even have insect repellents suitable for children and sensitive skins. Remember SafariQuip's promise, 'if it doesn't work, we don't stock it'.

Insect Killers

Why take the risk? An estimated 700,000,000 people are likely to catch malaria from mosquito bites this year and many millions more will suffer from other diseases transmitted by insect bites. For most, discomfort and temporary disfigurement are all that insect bites cause. For a very small cost most of the discomfort and risk are preventable.


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