Choosing a Mosquito Net


Are you travelling in the tropics, worried about malaria, don't want to be eaten alive, travelling with children, confused by bells and boxes or perplexed by permethrin?   Let SafariQuip's Mosquito Net Guide help you choose which net is most suitable for you

Guide to What You Need To Know About Mosquito Nets
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The Types of Mosquito Nets

Self Supporting Mosquito Nets

Description: Self supporting mosquito nets use special flexible wire hoops or metal or plastic wands to make a stiff frame that suspends the net over the user much like a tent. They don't require any other form of support. Some self supporting mosquito nets also have a sewn-in base so that the interior of the net is completely enclosed.

Advantages: Do not require net frames, hooks, string, ladders, improvisation or clips in order to be erected. Can be set up quickly or packed away. Can be used on a bed, in a tent or on the ground, indoors or out. Some have sewn in groundsheets and so give all round protection from crawling bugs, small snakes and scorpions as well as flying insects. They can also be used outdoors in windy conditions.

Disadvantages: Because they include poles or hoops to support the net they are heavier, bulkier and generally more expensive than similar sized conventional nets. The poles or hoops don't squash or bend easily so packing, particularly in a rucksack, is harder. The poles or hoops can be damaged and are hard to repair. Tend to have a smaller volume than bell and box nets so there is less air circulation, making relatively warmer to sleep in.
Insect Repellent - DEET

Mosquito Net Treated Weight Size Special Features Suitability
Geonet Mosquito Net geonet free standing mosquito net   Yes 1.5 kg L: 215cm
W: 90cm
H: 75cm
Geodesic dome design
Light weight, aluminium shock-corded frame
Built-in groundsheet
Ultra-fine mesh
Ideal for backpacking and outdoors.
Mosquito Tent mosquito tent free standing mosquito net Yes 1.65 kg L: 215cm
W: 77cm
H: 110cm
Hooped dome design
Shock-corded frame
Waterproof built-in groundsheet
Highly versatile
Use indoors or out on a mat, bed or ground.
Pop-up Mosquito Net pop up dome mosquito net Yes 420 g L: 2.5m
W: 86cm
H: 61cm
No put up time, take it out the bag and it pops up!
Used in a tent, on a bed, or on the ground
Tear-resistant skirt
Stuff band sewn-in
Tents, small beds, use directly on the ground.
Ideal for backpacking and outdoors
Arc-2 Travel Cot arc 2 travel cot mosquito net No 2.25 kg L: 133cm
W: 85cm
H: 72cm
Safe environment for children
Very good ventilation
Panels unzip for easy access
Safety toggles to prevent child unzipping
Wide base and poles for excellent stability
Mattress included.
Absolutley anywhere - a totally self-contained safe environment for your child

Wedge & Ridge Mosquito Nets

Description: Wedge shaped mosquito nets are like a wedge or slice of cake on it's side. The high end provides space for the user while the low end drapes over the sleeping bag or bedding.

Advantages: Simple and inexpensive. Easy to put up and take down because they need only one or two, low level supporting points. Can be hung close to or even from a wall making them easy to position even when space is limited. Can be used in many tents. Lightweight, compact and easily to pack and carry because they use less fabric and fit in smaller spaces. Suitable when moving from place to place.

Disadvantages: Have a relatively small enclosed volume so less air circulation and more stuffy than the bigger bednets.

Insect Repellent - DEET

Mosquito Net Treated Weight Size Special Features Suitability
Ultranet Mosquito Net Livesystems Ultraligth Mosquito Net Yes 220g L: 200cm
W: 85cm
H: 135cm
Compact + Light
Tear-resistant skirt
Single Support
Single beds
Camp beds
On the ground
MicroNet Mosquito Net Single micronet mosquito net single Yes 300g L: 210cm
W: 100cm
H: 160cm
Single hanging point for easy put-up Single beds
Youth hostels
MicroNet Mosquito Net Double micronet mosquito net double   Yes 375g L: 210cm
W: 160cm
H: 160cm
Single hanging point for easy put-up Double beds
hotels and hostels
Expedition RidgeNet Mosquito Net ridgenet mosquito net   Yes 500g L: 225cm
W: 120cm
H: 150cm
Exceeds WHO specs for quality
Multiple hanging points
Single beds
Camp beds
On the ground
Ideal for backpacking and outdoors

Bell Mosquito Nets

Description: Bell mosquito nets are shaped like a bell with a high, single suspension point and spreading out to cover the bed. They usually have an internal spreader a short distance below the apex to increase the volume and improve the hang of the net. The lower edge of the net may have a skirt of heavier fabric that serves the twin task of weighting the net to improve hang and reinforcing the net where wear and potential damage are greatest.

Advantages: Needing only a single high level suspension point makes the net relatively easy to erect. Large enclosed volume creates a cool and airy space over the bed. The way bell mosquito nets drape makes them very versatile and able to work on a wide range of bed sizes and shapes. Suitable for use in both temporary and permanent locations. Very attractive, so used as a bedroom interior decoration feature.

Disadvantages: Use a lot of fabric and often have a spreader, so tend to be heavy and bulky to carry around. Need a high and fairly strong suspension point to hang the net from.
Insect Repellent - Natural Repellents

Mosquito Net Treated Weight Size Special Features Suitability
Double Bell Mosquito Net economy bell mosquito net   No 950g H: 2.4m
Circ: 8.2m
Simple, low cost
Suitable for double + single beds, and sleeping bags
Tear-resistant skirt
Double Beds
Anywhere with suitable fixed locations
DuoNet Bell Mosquito Net duonet double bell mosquito net Yes 570g H: 2.1m
Circ: 8.5m
Ex-8 impregnated
Hexagonal ripstop mesh
Spring-steel hooped system
Double Beds
Anywhere with suitable fixed locations
HoopNet Bell Mosquito Net King hoopnet king size double bell mosquito net   Yes 700g H: 2.40m
Circ: 12.0m
Ex-8 impregnated
Hexagonal ripstop mesh
Spring-steel hooped system
King size and double beds anywhere with suitable space and fixings
Cot Mosquito Net Bell Cot Mosquito Net Bell   Yes 670g H: 1.40m
Circ: 5.6m
Very fine mesh netting
Deltamethrin treatment
Spring-steel hooped system
Baby size bell to provide good protection for a cot

Box Mosquito Nets

Description: Box mosquito nets have a rectangular shape that fits the bed and is suspended from the four top corners and usually from along the top edges also. They are hung from a special mosquito net frame located above the bed. They usually have a skirt made of heavier fabric to weight the net and reinforce the net where wear and damage are most common. Most suited to indoor use in a permanent location eg long term accomodation, hotel, hospital, etc.

Advantages: Spacious and comfortable with the largest enclosed volume of any net style. This allows greater air circulation and hence is cooler.

Disadvantages: Difficult to put up and take down. Requires multiple points of support and is usually attached to a purpose built frame. Heavy due to the large amount of fabric used in this style.
Insect Repellent - Permethrin, Pyrethrins and Pyrethroids

Mosquito Net Treated Weight Size Special Features Suitability
BoxNet Mosquito Net Double boxnet double box mosquito net   Yes 650g L: 200cm
W: 160cm
H: 150cm
Ex-8 impregnated
Multiple hanging points
Maximum room inside
Double Beds
Hotels, apartments
Cot Mosquito Net Box Cot Mosquito Net Box   No 350g L: 135cm
W: 75cm
H: 120cm
No chemicals
4 hanging points
Maximum room inside
Hangs or drapes over most cots and gives good protection from insects

Associated Products

Insect Killers For when you need to clear a room or tent of insects before retiring to bed. Or perhaps you're having a barbeque and would like to eat not be eaten.

Bite Relief If you forget your repellent or are unlucky and still get bitten then the products below will help ease the discomfort and swelling. These will also work for stings.

mosquito net hanging kit

Mosquito Net         Special Features Suitability
Mosquito Head Net mosquito head net       Simple low cost solution Staying safe and sane when attacked by midges or mosies
Midge & Mosquito Head Net midge and mosquito head net       Easy to carry and use Staying safe and sane when attacked by midges or mosies
Micro Midge Head Net micro head net       Small size for easy carrying Staying safe and sane when attacked by midges or mosies
Bush Hat with Head Net bush hat with head net       The complete solution, the brim keeps space between the net and face Staying safe and sane when attacked by midges or mosies
Head Net Hat head net hat       The complete solution, the brim keeps the sun and the net off your face Staying safe and sane when attacked by midges or mosies
Mosquito Net Hanging Kit mosquito net hanging kit       Everything you need to hang your net up in the widest range or locations Hanging any non self-supporting mosquito net
EX8 Net Treatment ex8 mosquito net treatment kit       Treated nets are recommended by the WHO for extra protection Treating and re-treating any mosquito net

Mosquito Net Glossary and Terms

Homestyle Mosquito Nets Travel Mosquito Nets
Strong, durable, and spacious nets with good air circulation making them cooler in hot climates, however heavier and bulkier than travel nets so better suited to more permanent and fixed locations. Example: Box Nets and Bell Nets Less spacious but lightweight and versatile, making these nets perfect for overnight/short stay use. Most come with their own small stuff sack so are easy to store or pack. Fit easily in luggage or rucksacks. Example: Wedge Nets and Self Supporting Nets
Mosquito Net Mesh Size Mosquito Net Volume
Different nettings have different hole sizes. The size of the holes determines what size of insects are kept out and airflow and hence the temperature that the inside of the net reaches.
Hole size is a compromise between comfort and blocking insects. The larger the holes, the more breathable the net, thus the more comfortable, but larger holes mean that more insects can get through and bite you.
Smaller holes, while preventing almost all insects from penetrating to biting level, prevent air recycling, and are therefore much more clammy and hot to sleep in.
The available space inside your Mosquito Net can affect temperature and general comfort significantly.
A Box Net provides easily the largest volume. There is plenty of space to stay cool, and sufficient room to move around.
A Bell Net is easier to erect, and provides only slightly less space due to the spreader and extra height.
A Wedge Net is smaller still, with little space at the base of the bed. They're much smaller and easier to pack away, and there's still plenty of room around your upper body.
The smallest nets are Dome or Self-Supporting nets. They have less space and are built primarily for travellers in need of a versatile and low-weight net.
Mosquito Net Treatment Mosquito Net Fabrics
Some mosquito nets are treated with Permethrin or longer lasting pyrethroids like Deltamethrin or Durallin help enhance their protective qualities. Permethrin is a naturally found insecticide with an excellent safety record and has been used for decades. The pyrethroids are synthetic insecticides, similar chemically to Permethrin but stronger, longer lasting and able to resist being washed out. They are sometimes considered as "permanent" and able to last the life of the net.
Permethrin and pyrethroid net treatment is recommended by the World Health Organisation and has three key benefits: it reduces the number of insects within a room (and hence risk of bites and disease), it deters insects from biting through the netting, it helps protect the users of a damaged or poorly erected nets.
Pyrethroid treatments can last a couple of years and numerous washes before any re-treatment is needed. A Permethrin treatment lasts approximately 6 months depending on net storage and use. By using a re-treatment kit , you can ensure your Mosquito Net is always protecting you.
Mosquito Netting is usually made from polyamide (nylon), polyester (terylene) or cotton.
Cotton is not widely used now on account of low tear strength and low resistance to damp and mould. Despite this, cotton, due to the "hairy" nature of cotton thread, works well at blocking insects and is very resistant to degradation by UV (sunlight).
Polyamide and polyester nets are the most common net material nowadays having very high strengths, low weight and high resistance to damp or humid conditions.
Recently, nets from monofilament threads have begun to appear on the market. These are cheap to produce but have a lot of disadvantages and are not recommended. The net structure is easily damaged and distorted making irregular and potentially insect large holes, also they do not hold permethrin treatment well. They can be recognised by an appearance similar to knitted fishing line.


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