Calypso Sun Lotion SPF10

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SPF10 Sun lotion for skin which has already become accustomed to the sun and just needs a little more protection.  Calypso Sun Lotion comes in a convenient, easy to use pump action bottle with a handy dosage chart on the label to ensure that you use the correct amount and help you judge how much you will need.  Calypso is light and non-greasy, it smells slightly of coconut, not too sweet - just healthy and refreshing.   With added vitamin E to act against premature skin ageing and gentle moisturisers which help to replenish your skin's natural oils.

Who should use it - and why
For the last part of your holiday - use when you've already spent a few days in the sun and your skin has started to tan quite well.
Calypso Sun Lotion SPF10 - 250ml
Features and Specification
  • Sun Protection Factor 10
  • Water Resistant
  • Non-greasy
  • Vitamin E to help combat free radicals and premature skin ageing
  • Jojoba Oil and Cocoa Butter for deep and lasting moisturisation
  • Suitable for children
  • Not tested on animals