Mosqui-Go Duo USA+ Insect Killer

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The Mosqui-Go Duo USA+ Insect Killer is capable of being used in conjunction with either tablets (mats) or liquid. Dual voltage (requires mains supply). This model suits the North American flat pin sockets and supply voltages, but also accepts voltages up to 240V. The Mosqui-Go Duo USA+ Insect Killer plug comes with the liquid repellent, it is not suitable for use with children under 3 years or expectant mothers.

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Who should use it - and why
The Mosqui-Go Duo will keep your room clear of insects whilst you sleep. Great for a good nights rest.
Mosqui-Go Duo Trans. (USA) Insect Killer
Features and Specification
  • Plug in mosquito killer
  • 37 Nights protection
  • Fits North American style flat pin socket
  • Safe for use with children over 3 years
  • Contains one liquid refill
  • Plug pins rotate to fit vertically mounted power sockets
  • Warning:- This product is harmful if swallowed and is harmful to the environment